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The bulk of crypto transactions are peer-to-peer transactions and trading transactions the former might not always be profit-oriented, but for a majority of cryptocurrency trading transactions, the participants hope to generate significant profit from their transactions. Compared to other financial investments, crypto investments are ‘special’. The technology and the core financial aspects intercept at a point.

Cryptocurrency investors report grave losses annually, these losses run in billions, cumulatively. On individual terms, investors have reported losses ranging from a few thousand to even millions. There are some common causes; in any case, the most popular one is the lack of correct information. While many investors simply gamble their investments, a good portion perform actual research, but unfortunately, adequate tools for this process are unavailable at times. DexCheck – a blockchain and AI project is putting up solutions to the core issues investors face in the crypto space.

DexCheck’s solutions are tailored for the everyday investor. It is an ecosystem of tools that are focused on assisting investors to make the right decisions. Here’s how DexCheck solves these issues.

Trading losses to wrong information

Thanks to decentralized trading platforms, routing trading transactions can now happen on-chain, exclusively. Even investors who trade on centralized exchanges leave footprints of their activities when they move their funds to their personal wallets. Part of an investor’s research process is studying the on-chain activities of other investors and using information obtained from this process for their own good. Investors fail at getting the right information from on-chain analysis because these information are raw and sometimes hard to piece together.

This is where DexCheck shines. DexCheck is developing a suite of applications that can be used for on-chain analysis. DexCheck’s applications track activities on decentralized exchanges, and individual wallets to obtain raw data and process them into useful information for an investor. It removes human error from on-chain analysis and offers machine-level accuracy to information obtained this way. DexCheck also has analytic tools that track high-profit wallets to enable users to trade along with investors who are markedly more informed than they are.

Trading losses due to poor timing

Crypto trades happen quickly and cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile. Therefore, significant changes in asset value can happen in the shortest period and traders who fail to follow up with these changes could run into losses. Also, many investments, albeit brilliant, were made at the wrong time. DexCheck offers two solutions to this; first, a tool that allows traders to execute trades quickly and tools that track the movements of other investors in real time and notify the investors.

The first tool is the DexCheck Telegram trading bot, the second tool is DexCheck’s InsightGPT. DexCheck’s trading bot allows investors to trade from their Telegram messaging applications. This bot connects to decentralized exchanges in over 15 blockchain networks and allows decentralized trading of over 1000 crypto assets. investors save ample time by completing their trades from the Telegram messenger interface as compared to visiting a DEX, connecting their wallet, and going through the process of setting up the pairs.

InsightGPT is a powerful trading assistant powered by Artificial intelligence and developed with gilt-edge data analytics algorithms. It screens traders’ transactions to detect high-value trades and notifies investors using simplified language to ensure that every investor is able to comprehend the message it conveys. High-value trades are trades that have high chances of being profitable. InsightGPT users have reported increased profits.

Reluctance to trade due to trading complications

Crypto is complicated, no doubt. The basic technology is daunting, but this is just the smallest part. Sometimes the procedure for other trades is more complicated than usual. Traders miss out on good gains because they are reluctant to take the long route to purchase these assets. DexCheck’s Trading bots tackle this by handling trades on behalf of the users and offering a simpler route to buying and selling crypto assets. DexCheck makes crypto trading relatively easier and puts traders in charge.

Closing Thoughts

Investors are trying out DexCheck, the results have been impressive so far and these tools are still being built. With scheduled upgrades and new additions, DexCheck’s applications are set to work even better in the future. The billion-dollar problem is investors losing tons of money to the issues presented above. DexCheck operates in a trillion-dollar market and offers utilities to traders. As investors levitate to these solutions, it will be interesting to watch how the project grows in the future.

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