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DexCheck Pro trader features you are missing out on.

DexCheck is empowering cryptocurrency investors to make informed decisions in their routine investments. By making actionable data available at every trader’s fingertips, DexCheck hopes to improve the recorded success rate for cryptocurrency investments. In a space as volatile and challenging as this one, this is for sure a tasking goal. I have made a number of reviews of the different applications in the DexCheck ecosystem. The telegram bots and the wallet analytics applications are at the top of my list, but there is still a whole lot to discover.

The Telegram bot and most of the analytics applications are free to use, technically, all applications in the DexCheck ecosystem are free to use. However, the pro features will require you to stake some DexCheck tokens. By staking the DexCheck token, you also get to enjoy tons of staking benefits in addition to gaining access to the Pro features. There are two tiers, expert and Oracle. To enjoy expert features, you will need to stake at least 20,000 $DCk. The Oracle tier is the most advanced tier and gives you access to every feature on the platform. The required stake to enjoy Oracle benefits is 100,000 $DCK. At current DCK token prices, this is about $2000. You can purchase DCK tokens from Kucoin, PancakeSwap, and MEXC exchange. Click here to enter the DCK staking portal

Here are some pro traders’ features you are missing out on


Insight GPT is DexCheck’s flagship AI-powered investment tool. It is only available to pro traders and packs a lot of powerful data-driven analytics for every investor. Under the hood, InsightGPT is a data-sourcing machine that is designed to collate related data and analyze them into presentable information in single sentences. It leverages the ‘Smart money’ feature which is also available on DexCheck. Smart money is a collation of top traders for specific crypto assets. InsightGPT proceeded to apply an algorithm to analyze these data. For instance, if two traders featured in the smart money list buy the same assets, then the asset is deemed a potentially profitable one. InsightGPT proceeds to notify Pro traders of this transaction in plain words. An InsightGPT data presents a brief summary of the trader’s records and an insight into their most recent trades.

An insightGPT alert takes this form,

For any trader, this takes up the bulk of their copy trading process and gives them ample time to follow up with the most experienced traders in the market. InsightGPT combines the functionalities of wallet analytics and whale tracker applications and employs artificial intelligence algorithms to develop a compact data machine. The Artificial Intelligence arm of insightGPT is schooled on the best trade moves and the core signs of an experienced trader. Just like most other AI-powered applications, InsightGPT is in evolution. While the current stage is quite impressive, it will be interesting to see how the DexCheck team hones the application to adapt to even newer trading moves.

How to use InsightGPT for your trading.

Click here to access the application on the DexCheck Platform

The InsightGPT interface is real-time and newer information is shown as soon as the application detects, you can follow up on a specific trader or simply screen through the sniped addresses.

You can also run analytics on a trader that interests you. To do this Click Analyze from the top right corner.

This takes you to the Wallet analyzer interface for the address. Here’s how to navigate the wallet analyzer interface;

How to use the Wallet Analyzer.

First, the network section presents a list of blockchain networks where the address is active. 

You can navigate to the different networks by simply clicking on them. The analyzer presents information for the selected network Only.

On the Top section of the wallet analyzer page, you can see the calculated PnL for the address, the total volume of trades made on the selected network, and the total value of the asset in the wallet’s custody.

The page usually opens to the PnL calculator, otherwise, navigate to the PnL section by clicking PnL calculator from the options in the left corner. 

The PnL page presents the profit and loss the address has across different trades on the selected network. You can see a detailed breakdown of each trade and the profit or loss generated for the trade(s)

To see a breakdown of the assets in the trader’s custody, click Holdings from the menu to navigate to the Holdings section. Here you will see assets the trader is invested in. if you wish to limit the presented assets to assets listed on Coingecko only, check the box next to Coingecko Tokens in the Top right corner.

The Trading history, the Buying, and the Selling section show a further breakdown of trades by the wallet. You can navigate to these sections to obtain detailed information on the separate transactions.

Setting up a notification

You can set up notifications to follow a wallet closely. The Notification feature is a function of the DexCheck Telegram wallet-checking bot.

To use this, click the bell icon from the top section, beside the wallet address.

This should immediately open your Telegram messenger or request permission to open the Telegram messenger.

We covered the control procedures for the Telegram wallet tracker bot. Check out this article for the Wallet Tracker bot guide.

You can now set up a notification for the wallet and get a push notification on your device when the wallet makes a trade.


Smartfolio is your intelligent portfolio manager and investment assistant, it is a Telegram bot that helps you track your investments and updates you with signals and price movements as it concerns assets in your wallet. You can integrate your wallet into the bot or manually add the assets you are invested in.

Here’s how to manage your portfolio using the Smartfolio Bot

Click here to navigate to the smartfolio section

This automatically opens the Telegram Bot.

Click Send Message to open the Telegram messenger

 Click Start to continue

Click My portfolio to add asset

This returns a message with an option to import your wallet or track the asset manually

To track assets manually, click Add Coin manually.

Enter the Smart contract address or the name of the coin you wish to track

The Bot presents a list of similar assets, Choose a line number that applies to the asset you wish to track

Now enter the amount of the asset you own. Send to complete.

To add import your wallet, Click  Wallets from the menu.

Click Import Wallet address to continue

Enter your wallet address and send

The bot now tracks the assets in your wallet

Click My Portfolio from the Main menu to see assets

To set up an alert

Click Smart Alerts from the main menu

Click Add New Alert.

Enter the line number for the alert you wish to set.

You will receive alerts as it applies to your choice.

Top traders (for fungible tokens and NFTs)

The top trader’s features are another quite interesting application available to pro traders only. Like InsightGPT, it is a data-driven machine as well, however, it gets quite interesting. Instead of presenting the data on interesting trades separately, the top traders’ feature collates high positive PnL traders and traces these trades down to the maker, then it runs a calculation on the total profit and loss generated by the trader. It then shows on the interface, the traders with the highest gains over a specific period of time. This feature is flexible, you can adjust the timeline for the calculations and filter your searches to narrower data. The Top Traders application (for fungible tokens) supports over 20 blockchain networks and 30 decentralized exchanges

The interface is quite intuitive and also has a link to the wallet analyzer to allow you to perform deeper studies on the trader.

Here’s how to use the top traders feature (for fungible tokens)

How to Identify Top Crypto Traders Using DexCheck

Click here to navigate to the Top Traders application.

The list is set to a specific network, Click the Network section from the top right corner to select a desired network.

You can now see the list of traders with the most successful trade on the network. This is initially set to 30 days period.

To change the period, Click on Time Basis, you can set it to 7 days or 24 hours.

You can also arrange the list according to the Traders’ PnL and unrealized profit. Click on any of these as shown above.

To run a deeper analysis on the wallet, Click Analyze from the right corner to access the wallet analytics page for the address. Follow the wallet analyzer guide above to navigate through the wallet analyzer interface.

How to Identify Top NFT Traders on DexCheck

Flipping an NFT for some profit isn’t really as easy as it appears, but some popular NFT traders have mastered this trade and constantly print profits in their NFT trades. As a newbie and regardless of your expertise in the sector, following up traders with a recurring record of profitable trades can improve your performance as well. With the DexCheck Top NFT Traders application, this is much easier.

The Top NFT Trader application works in a similar fashion as the Top Crypto Traders application, but it tracks NFTs instead. Also, the Top NFT Traders application only supports the Ethereum network at the time of writing.

To use the Top NFT Traders application;

Click here to navigate to the application

The landing page lists NFT traders with the most profits in a period of time. Click the duration box in the top right corner to change the duration.

To run a deeper analysis on any of the traders, click Analyze Address from the top right corner.

The wallet analytics page for NFT traders is similar to that of crypto traders. Refer to the wallet analyzer guide above to navigate through the wallet analyzer interface.

Closing Thoughts

We could see traders raving about insightGPT, this is quite understandable, the lead it gives the everyday trader is handy, but the underlying technology is even more impressive. It is likely that we see this tool develop into a more capable application. However, the Smartfolio comes close in terms of utility. By being integrated into the telegram messenger, it delivers its role perfectly. Still, one to keep tabs on as the project develops. The Top Trader feature might also fall down the pecking order as InsightGPT continues to evolve. Either way, it is still a handy tool.

The point here is, looking at the utilities of the pro trader features and how accessible they are, every trader should consider trying these out. Even better, newer features will be available to pro traders.

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