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How DexCheck improves investment success

DexCheck is your crypto investment assistant. Just like investors in any other sector, cryptocurrency investors are in constant search of applications that help them make more informed decisions and also lessen their investment research and routine trading workload. Investors have found applications in DexCheck’s ecosystem really useful. DexCheck’s principal goal is to improve an investor’s chances of making a profitable trade. These applications are structured to suit investors of different abilities. If you are searching for a one-stop investment assistant, DexCheck might just be it for you. Let’s take a look at how DexCheck is empowering investors using diverse applications;

Automated portfolio manager: Smartfolio

The smartfolio is a Telegram-based portfolio manager. Smartfolio keeps a watch on your investment for you while you focus on other aspects of your investments. By developing a portfolio manager that works on the Telegram application, DexCheck selects an application that investors use routinely. Telegram is one of the most widely used mediums of conversation and smartfolio fits in just well. Investors can receive push notifications about changes in the price of the asset they invested in and decide their next moves. To use the smartfolio, investors simply need to interact with the bot and enter details of their investments, this includes the assets and the amount they hold.

Smartfolio can also track assets in a provided wallet, an investor simply needs to provide the wallet details. Smartfolio connects to the wallet to obtain information on assets being held on supported blockchain networks. Smartfolio currently supports over 10 blockchain networks, this could improve with time as well.

On-chain analysis with clear-cut technology

DexCheck has developed wallet trackers, Dex trade analytics application, top traders’ trackers, and whale trackers as well. These applications are designed to obtain information from the blockchain and present pre-analyzed data to investors in a way that allows them draw conclusions easily and accurately. On-chain analysis can reveal information for investors, but most investors either use them inappropriately or below their maximum capacity. DexCheck’s on-chain analysis tools guide investors towards making the best out of on-chain data.

AI-engineered investment insight application

InsightGPT is another utility application on the DexCheck ecosystem. InsightGPT used artificial intelligence to analyze trades on decentralized exchanges. It obtains trading data and evaluates them to detect high-profile trades. These trades are usually from traders with high positive PnL and assets traded between wallets with running records of profitable trades. DexCheck informs investors of such trades and allows them to decide their next moves. These insights are actionable, they are ‘useful’ to investors.

Passive income opportunities and investor empowerment

For investors who hold DCK – the native token of the DexCheck ecosystem. DexCheck offers numerous ways to benefit from investing in the project. DexCheck’s revenue-sharing program allows investors who hold DCK to benefit from the fees generated on the platform. Holders also have access to pro trader applications and can also benefit from staking programs on-chain and on centralized exchanges.

Closing Thoughts

What’s your approach to trading? Traders seek profits in different ways and different levels of success have been recorded for each approach. But if you seek to pursue investment success through well-researched investments and by augmenting this research with efficient tools, then you might want to give DexCheck a try. The smartfolio and InsightGPT have seen a higher user headcount, but other analytics tools in the ecosystem are also thriving. We have reviewed these applications and how they work, investors can also seek better ways to put them to use.

Having said this, it is important to note that this article only educates users on applications in DexCheck’s ecosystem and is not financial advice.

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