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Snack Talk – The Cheesecake

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We are all in support of a well-regulated crypto space, but the regulators should at least get the pronunciation right for the firm they are prosecuting. Well, maybe we’ve all been pronouncing it the wrong way. The memecoin peddlers are already having a field day with that one and that’s fine, a few 10x on those BENANCE coins wouldn’t hurt…before they pull the rug.

4.3 billion cheese in the pocket, you can see the idea behind the title now. The SEC could run solely on the money made from crypto firms in the past three years. Can’t lie, the whole space needs to be tightened up, it is currently loose. But I suggest that Mr. Logan should at least give back some of the money he made from that sports drink stuff to the guys he ran away with their cheese for some NFTs that never came to life.

A silver lining; Bitcoin rose past the $30k area and Ethereum breached the $2,000 level. Even though I don’t have much of those, some altcoins have seen a few gains too. Wondering how I could afford another snack? You have your answer now. I had the opinion that bull runs were fueled by greed and hype, this one could be fueled by conspiracy theories. The Bitcoin ETFs are taking quite some time to go live, the real problem is… every cryptocurrency appears to be getting a Blackrock ETF too. Solana, XRP, PEPE. If you believe the XRP part, you should believe the part PEPE too.

Memcoins should find a way to include an ETF in their ‘utility’ list, but if “they got rid of CZ to pave the way for an industry-controlled Bitcoin” then these ETFs should pack more punch than we expect. Since we are all here for the money, this should be good news, right? No? Have fun explaining the ‘satoshi vision’ to the regular investor who just wants his altcoin to go 5X.

If you want proof that a good percentage of ‘cutting-edge decentralized AI projects’ is just an extension of ChatGPT, the price movements of these projects in response to the hide-and-seek at OpenAI is your best proof. Sack, re-employ; turns out these jobs are more secure than we thought. For whatever reason these guys sacked Altman; the employee movement sufficed…they probably had a hard time understanding Sam’s codes though.

The AI team at X launched a more vicious ChatGPT – GROK. There are more chances that you saw that name first in the Memecoin market. But yeah, crypto always moves first. If there is anything I’m convinced about in the coming bull run, it is that AI coins are going to run to show.

Gensler believes in the possibility of rebooting FTX Exchange. Associated tokens have since gone haywire, and if FTX gets rebooted, the next on the list should be Luna. USTC might already be trading around $0.1 by the time you get to read this article. Still, a long way to go for a dollar-pegged coin, but in this space, ‘never say never’. FTX, Luna, Voyager, Celsius…the list is long, but, one after the other.

I’m revealing the snack of the day for the first time; since everyone is getting cheese, it’s just reasonable to get a cheesecake, and Sprite. Unlike the guy behind the KyberSwap exploit, a handful of snacks could get us ‘fully rested’ in a short while. The Poloniex hacker and the SIM swap guys made the list of ‘cheese getters’ too. Guess the whole space is just about people getting cheese.

Bankman Fried and other FTX guys will learn their fate soon, I will have to drop the pen here and return whenever we have definite news. But if Bitcoin crosses $40,000, then we might be back sooner than expected. Gone past the 600-word point too. Just in case you read up to this point; see you next time…guys! And hit the FOLLOW button!

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