Has the Artificial Intelligence wave really begun?

Artificial Intelligence

It took ChatGPT for artificial intelligence cryptocurrencies to really see the light of day. Not sure we can keep a good count of every hype coin with an Artificial intelligence (AI) tag that zoomed off in green candles. A new way to launch a successful project in the crypto space now is to attach Artificial intelligence somewhere in your whitepaper…or just your Twitter bio. That’s all it takes to rake in a few million dollars. If you add “ChatGPT competitor”, you might as well create a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency project without even writing a good line of code.

No jabs at the reputable AI projects that have shown how decentralized Artificial intelligence solutions can be created. In past articles, we have featured Singularity (AGIX) and some projects from its ecosystem (Singularity DAO) and have also tipped the project to climb to the top 20 positions, alongside FetchAI. That prediction is still a bit far from coming to life, but there’s a wave and anything can happen.

Talking about ‘wave’, the crypto space has welcomed some ridiculously overwhelming waves. Meme coins, privacy coins, DeFi projects. We’d add ‘bitcoin alternatives’ but that will give way for an almost everlasting wave, ‘Ethereum killers’. Now hats off to every other wave, apart from meme coins…we are yet to unravel why they really became so important. Maybe this article can help though.

The AI concept is another tech-oriented wave and the big question is, has it really begun, or is it fading away already? A private opinion, but the answer to both questions is NO. A little controversial, it is inevitable that some over-hyped Artificial Intelligence projects will see a decline and complete fade-off whenever the crypto space sees a sell-off. But for the blue-chip AI projects, the wave is still setting in.

Privacy coins took a big hit due to the regulatory hinges that the crypto space will continue to suffer for all of its existence, meme coins will keep rolling the green candles as long as Elon Musk continues his pro-DogeCoin tweets and teasing his new Twitter CEO — Floki. DeFi coins, well, it all depends on the APR offered in the liquidity farms and staking pools.

A high-level info-bot was all it took to remind the whole world that artificial intelligence is the next level of technological evolution. Super software, humanoids, and learned protocols. These are the future, the present could be in doubt, but as stated earlier, the wave is just kicking in.

A valuation for a good Artificial intelligence solution? If a meme coin could hit a billion in valuation, then a good AI solution should get to multiple times more. It is hard to pick a project that makes it to this point, it’s probably not even launched yet but a few veteran Artificial intelligence projects have what it takes to make it to this level. Feel free to shill your favorite AI project in the comment section. Shilling is one of the most productive marketing plans anyways.

While many empty projects will surely emerge in the coming days with talks about AI and machine intelligence, the crypto space will surely house a handful of super successful AI projects and they will be there in the long term.

Andre Cronje in a tweet shared his ideas about Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. Even though he opines that blockchain technology and AI aren’t really a good match, there are numerous ways to bring both together, and a few projects are already exploring that…or exploiting, rather.

What’s your favorite AI project? Definitely, one that has made you a 10X return, but no worries, that’s the best feature any cryptocurrency project could have. Let us know about it anyway; someone might have a few dollars to spare, or a few FUD to spread.

Meanwhile, nothing said here is financial advice, always do your own research; and Follow us!

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