CoinLore Review: An all-in-one asset tracking platform.

Rough statistics estimates about twenty new cryptocurrencies are created daily, only a few make it to tracking platforms. On average, half of this figure is listed on tracking platforms every day. The past five years have seen a meteoric growth of cryptocurrency projects, thanks to widespread interest and adoption. Over twenty thousand (20,000) cryptocurrencies are listed on digital assets tracking platforms, most of them coming to life in the past three years.

As the crypto space grows and assets proliferate; investors are always in search of simpler ways to keep track of this growth and manage their investments as well. As a result, asset tracking and management utilities are great tools for digital investors and enthusiasts.

Like crypto itself, platforms offering this service are also getting rampant and investors could easily mention a handful. Regardless, these platforms have not really been able to satisfy most investors’ needs, individually. Investors either resort to using multiple platforms or finding a different walk-through for features not available on their asset management platforms.

A number of asset tracking platforms boast “an ‘all in one’ stop for everything an investor needs”, but in practice, only a few come close to this. In addition, these platforms are marred by other inefficiencies. Making up the list includes; inaccurate data, loading lags, and poor asset representation.

Personally; I always have to switch through a few asset trackers, a tedious process. This experience is the same with most other investors, probably you. If you relate to this (and even if you don’t), you might want to pay attention to the rest of this article.

Meet CoinLore; A complete investor utility platform.

CoinLore is a unified, free-to-use asset tracking and management platform built to meet the need of everyday investors in crypto assets. CoinLore provides untampered data for almost ten thousand (10,000) crypto assets and empowers investors with vital tools for investment research and management. In addition to already existing assets, more reputable digital assets are being added daily on the platform to allow holders to keep up with price developments for their assets.

Built for investors, by investors

Investing in crypto is a special exercise; ‘tricky’ is a proper term. With every new cryptocurrency project comes new proposals, algorithms or technology. One thing in common with these projects is that they present ‘huge’ potential and are the ‘next big thing’…until they are not. The high rate of project proliferation is also followed by a spike in the frequency of project failure. In each case, investors are left to nurse mild to grave losses.

The best way to empower players in a space of this kind is to optimize services provided to suit them; protect them.

Developed and managed by a team of experienced investors; CoinLore is runby a team that understands what it means to be in the crypto space. This is depicted by the platform’s structure and resources presented to users. The white-themed platform easily fits an investor’s cravings.

A quick glance

In search of experience? Visit Coinlore.

A glance through the platform shows a user-centric design. On a desktop view, the platform’s design is crafted to shine users’ path through investment utilities in a presumed order of importance. Quick navigation options are displayed on the top bar to allow visitors to surf through the platform. Easily log in for existing users or create a new account by clicking ‘Login’ from the menu bar. Platform and total market metrics follow this in a relatively familiar fashion.
Following this are other sections of the platform containing asset and market data. In the main section are crypto assets listed in order of their market capitalization. Users can easily modify this section according to the information needed. The parameters shown at the top of CoinLore’s main asset listing section can be used to select a specific class of assets to be shown and the order of appearance. This feature is best suited for users who are interested in separate asset classes such as DeFi, NFTs, smart contract tokens, and coins using a specific consensus algorithm.

While logged in, you can add coins to your watch list by clicking the star icon on the left side of the asset. Adding assets to the watch list makes it easier for investors to monitor their price developments.

On the right section are classified market data and general information. A market overview section and compartmentalized list of daily top gainers precedes the news feed. The news feed features remarkable happenings in the crypto space, it is a minimized version of CoinLore’s news aggregator. More crypto-related news and resources can be obtained by expanding this section.

The event section follows and features major upcoming developments for projects. This includes exchange listings, DAO voting, token migrations, launches, and other events investors might need to take note of. Spot and margin traders can utilize this for their periodic investments. This section is followed by a video section and other metrics which can be easily accessed by any user.

Track your assets on the go!

Hectic day? We’ve all been there a couple of times. But unlike most other investments, cryptocurrencies have pronounced volatility and a whole lot could happen in just a very short space of time. A few hours might be too long. Being in this space requires a certain level of dedication, especially for day traders. Long-term holders aren’t left out anyways.

Staying informed while you go about your daily activities is easy with the CoinLore mobile application. Just like the desktop platform, the mobile application enables you to track your assets, manage your investments and obtain vital information; but this time, you can do all these from the comfort of your mobile devices. With the mobile application, CoinLore offers a mobile-friendly version of its platform to users who might be unable to use the desktop platform. Your Coinlore account can be used on mobile applications and desktop platforms.

The mobile interface differs tangibly from the web platform; but like the latter, it is simplified and easy to use. Coinlore mobile application is available for Android and Apple devices.

Why CoinLore?

There are a good number of asset-tracking platforms and you surely use at least one of them. This article might be the first time you’ve heard about CoinLore. In a sea of options, what makes CoinLore special and why choose it? If you read through to this point then you already have your answers. But, here are more reasons why you should try out CoinLore today;

Frank asset ranking and detailing.

A major issue on many asset tracking platforms is wrong information as regards prices, distribution, and history. Cryptocurrency investors are fond of making hasty decisions and only a few care to verify claims before going ahead to hold, purchase or sell their assets. Tracking platforms then have a duty; to deliver accurate information as possible for their users. Unfortunately, this is not the case on many platforms, and sometimes last year following a hitch on a popular asset tracking platform; you would have to pay over a trillion dollars for one Ethereum.

The popular price hitch was obviously unbelievable, but a good percentage of investors didn’t understand it this way. CoinLore understands this obligation and embraces it through sincere information on assets and careful practices to avoid running into generalized issues.

Real-time asset valuation

Asset values on CoinLore are flexible and are updated regularly using information generated from exchanges where these assets are traded. Data from the exchanges’ API are collated and average prices are displayed. CoinLore’s technology allows the displayed prices to vary according to activities on the exchanges. Prices displayed on the platform are in fact the assets’ value at that particular time, this could change in the next second.

Handy metrics and information for investors

You’ve seen the news feed and the events section; these are incredible utilities for cryptocurrency investors. CoinLore goes beyond this and adds other features that assist investors in making decisions and also simplify asset management. CoinLore’s asset widget contains detailed information about a selected asset. Events and distribution information can be obtained on the asset page. Blockchain statistics for coins are also available. Traders can also determine their next move using accurate price charts provided on the asset page. Asset performance by sector is also important data for investors wishing to dive into a specific cryptocurrency sector.

These data come in handy for every investor regardless of their involvement in the space. In one stop, your next move can be decided; no, you don’t need to get any information from another platform. CoinLore makes that possible

A user-centric interface

Have you ever stepped into a store where everything is placed just the way you want it? This special feeling is the same when you use CoinLore’s asset tracking platform. The platform’s appearance and flows are designed with a cryptocurrency investor in mind. Every feature on the platform serves a special purpose for at least a level of crypto investment. Looking for a tracking platform where your preferences are highly represented? You have your answer

Responsive and performance-optimized pages

I jumped from Coinlore’s desktop platform to the mobile application and again to the web platform on my mobile device. Different appearances, but one thing that didn’t change is the impressiveness of the user interface and the smooth user flows in each of these platforms. The responsive design ensures that the platform can be used on every device without a dip in the quality of users’ experience. You can manage your assets and plan your next investment move without having to worry about lags and an ‘annoying’ platforms.

CoinLore is impressive, no doubt. A few caveats would be the number of assets listed on the platform; many users would also suggest a more contemporary user interface feature. However, the listing process is open and you can contact the team to get your favorite asset listed on the platform. The listing process is manual as projects go through manual auditing before being added to the platform. Adding some contemporary UI design trends might slow the platform down as well. Regardless, the platform is in constant development and the team is responsive.

Track your assets on CoinLore

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