Why you should consider investing in decentralized solution(s).

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A couple of disclaimers on cryptocurrency investment advice and endless warnings, ‘cryptocurrency investments are very risky ventures…and the earth is flat’. Well, one is a fact; the other is probably another way to look at facts. A little focus will tell you which is which…just a little teaser there, but that’s by the way.

Alright, fact is, the earth is a sphere, and cryptocurrency investments are very risky, but that’s just another way to look at facts. Risks and rewards are related, sometimes this relationship could get toxic. The crypto space has been buzzing for a while now, anyone who took the risk before this time must have reaped from that audacious move. Recent strives by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have once again flared the hunger to invest in decentralized solutions, but many are still scared to join the bandwagon


It’s human to get scared, but it’s mastery to stay in complete control of these fears and ride against the waves. While some investors are hardly overpowered by their fears, others would need tons of advice to make a choice.

But that’s by the way; Cryptocurrency just like most other investments is a very risky venture, there’s unarguably a more pronounced risk when it comes to cryptocurrency. The outrageous fluctuations and nerve-spinning volatility give it a good place amongst ‘a thousand ways to die in the west’…that wasn’t meant to scare you! For experienced investors and risk-loving individuals (like myself!), volatility is a very tasty stuff, but sometimes it might burn hands.


Here’s why you should consider taking the risk

The Features

Before you bought your first stock, you probably made a couple of research and calculations, a very good number of investors do clever research before putting their money on the road; a very important step in investments. Venturing into the crypto space, the scenario is almost the same. But in general, blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies glitters with many enticing features which are just too good to be ignored. ‘All that glitters are not gold’, yeah, I’m sure you said that to yourself at some point, but if gold glitters, then you’re closer to hitting gold if the glitters get more enticing.


For a technology, blockchains are one of the most interesting inventions of the past couple of decades, the ability it poses and its numerous applications are certainly one to look out for. Cryptocurrencies aside, blockchains are one of the most advanced computing protocols which are unsurprisingly gaining mainstream attention. An immutable store of data, a flexible network for building almost anything on the internet, the list is endless. Venturing into the crypto space is as good as swimming in the oceans of blockchain technology, getting used to what has been a tangible offset of traditional ways of data storage, internet, finance…to mention a few. Regardless of the risks, these features should make you give it a try.

The Future.

A very quick follow-up to the aforementioned point. The features of blockchain technology are currently under-utilized and for any attentive investors, this technology is just starting to gain global recognition, and the only way is ‘up’! the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology may be speculative, but that’s a common step for inventions poised to change the way things are done globally, taking a look at the bigger picture, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain are one for the future, the limits are beyond reach, better said, there are no limits and impossibilities are just weak words thrown around by people who find it hard to chase dreams. This is the same for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


Cryptocurrency investments are risky, but it is even riskier not to take a close look at the future and your biggest regret might be not securing a part of the future. Stocks will still be a part of the future, same as digitized precious metals and fiat currencies, but cryptocurrencies are poised to be the newcomers and might be an important part of the future. Shaun the risk, secure a place in the future, try making your way into the crypto space.

The Fortune.

I seriously resent the idea of cryptocurrency investments as a “get rich-quick scheme”. But it is hard to ignore the fact that cryptocurrency investments make mouth-watering returns. For investments in the last decades, cryptocurrencies have made the biggest return on investments, posting up to 20X gains. The ‘fast money’ idea is surely an unhealthy one and an investor who really wishes to be successful in the crypto space must first get rid of this orientation and embrace the technology and avoid being over-expectant of their crypto bags. Regardless, there is an already proven fortune in cryptocurrency investment, but just like every good thing, this takes a lot of time and requires some good level of patience and persistence.


Your Tesla stock might have made you some good gains over the past five years, but most cryptocurrencies have made way more during this same period of time, this is unarguable. With more risks come even more rewards, dive into the ocean, take the risks, give it some time, reap the fortunes.

The Freedom

Stocks are great, digital gold are good investments too, but what about an investment that gives you total control over what you own? Decentralization in cryptocurrency gets rid of third parties and middlemen in handling some core financial activities such as blockchain-level send and receive. The freedom of being able to send a store of value across to anyone anywhere and not worry about exchange rates and delays due to the banks not processing payment, or even decline of payment because of some blurry reasons is something you should really pay some attention to.


Cryptocurrencies come with some enticing level of freedom and privacy in the management of your finance and performance of some core financial activities. Probably this doesn’t sound so clear to you, but here in the crypto space ‘you are your own bank’, guess that sounds better! You don’t need a stockbroker to help you invest in cryptocurrencies, the simplicity makes it possible for a total noob to invest in cryptocurrency and manage this investment. Decentralization in cryptocurrency cuts off the middleman in most core management procedures.

Still need to be convinced, you certainly have your reservations, but if anything can change your opinion, it’s one of these four…

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