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The Ultimate Guide to Prospective zkSync Opensea, Layer Zero, SUI network, Starknet, and Scroll airdrops

Crypto airdrops

For every 10 tweets you come across on crypto Twitter, at least three try to tell you how you can position yourself to benefit from predicted airdrops from some new cryptocurrency projects. The list is inexhaustive; layer Zero, SUI network, zkSync. Alright, these tweets score quite high engagement, and cryptocurrency influencers on Twitter have found a new way to draw your attention. Just like the meme coin bubble, free drops are a booming topic in the crypto space today.

Well, if you clicked that link hoping to get a trick that qualifies you for all the airdrops at once, then I must apologize, this isn’t the article you were looking forward to and I admit that the title might have been quite misleading. I got carried away too.

The craving for the financial enrichment cryptocurrency deliver has crushed the hunger to build real decentralized solutions, ones that really work. New projects every day, each producing the same result. But I guess this has been a whole long talk since this article isn’t already telling you how to bridge to a new network, add liquidity, Perform swaps, mint an NFT, and wait for your freebies whenever the project is ready to grease the people’s palms.

Ok, here’s the ultimate guide, USE THE PRODUCT. But I guess that’s a hard thing to do, especially where there are no $500 – $10,000 worth airdrop in view. The space keeps changing and everything keeps going towards bubbles and quick money. A few years ago, the attraction point for any project is its features. The most promising projects get the attention. Ethereum, Tezos…you name them.

Contemporary projects are having it easier. Two steps, raise a couple of millions from super-rich VCs, tease a ‘community reward’ program. That’s it, you are well on your way to hitting a million users, even when your technology is nothing close to what was proposed on the WhitePaper.

If you read up till this point, then the higher chance is that you (somehow) agree with this opinion. It’s unlikely that anyone makes it to this point when this article is yet to show you proof that Polygon and Coinbase will be launching tokens for their layer-2 networks even when they already said they won’t be doing any of that. Well, you can’t trust these Web3 teams…

Even if crypto and blockchain don’t survive, there’s no doubt that they’ve enriched a few pockets and impoverished a few. If you’ve benefitted from the majority of these airdrops, you belong to the former.

Anyways, the target wordcount for this article is 500 and its almost close to that figure, but before the last full stop comes in, it is important to state that these airdrops are a good way to earn, and genuine interest in decentralized solutions is the surest way to benefit. Airdrop-hunting is good exercise. But every one of these is currently in a bubble, it’s hard to say how it will burst and it is important to tread carefully. Scam airdrops and malicious testnets are on the increase. It is important to protect yourself from these.

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