The Saga: Solana is building a blockchain-based smartphone.

solana smartphone

A blockchain-powered smartphone is a popular topic, despite not being in relevant existence. A topic of widespread discussions and rumors over the years. Building the core functionalities of a smart device on the blockchain is expected to add a layer of privacy, security, anonymity, and overall improved performance. Relative to contemporary gadgets; a device built around the blockchain should have more flexible support for the decentralized web, seamless value exchange facilities, and other provisions of blockchain technology. While many blockchain enthusiasts will be expecting top-level immutability in a blockchain-focused smartphone; everything about a blockchain phone has been mere speculation…a Saga.

Looks like we are close to the end of a long-running Saga.

Privacy-focused tech company — Osom, has announced that it would be partnering with a popular blockchain project — Solana to produce Solana Saga; a blockchain-focused smartphone built on the Solana blockchain. Solana Saga is an improvement from Osom’s OV1 which was expected to be released later this year. As part of the partnership; Solana Saga will be released with core functionalities built on the Solana blockchain.

When not switched off by the validators; Solana is a super-fast blockchain featuring support for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Dubbed ‘Ethereum killer’ (a name it shares with tons of other similar projects), Solana presents faster and cheaper transactions relative to the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to an overall improved throughput; Solana boasts a rich ecosystem with a handful of reputable projects, mostly NFT and DeFi projects.

Working on the Solana Saga, the blockchain project will be looking to team up with the Osom team and integrate Solana blockchain into the core functionalities of the device. Efficient support for Web3 applications will surely be the main feature of the Solana Saga. Osom is already hands-on with privacy as a feature, they will be looking to develop blockchain-level privacy with the Solana team.

Solana Saga will run on Android OS and flaunt some impressive memory and processor features. 512GB storage memory and 12GB RAM; Solana Saga fits into the everyday smartphone user’s memory capacity cravings. A big 6.6-inch screen and a 50MP rear camera quality. Saga will come with some pretty attractive features and bodywork as well. It is expected to be rolled out in 2023 with pre-orders underway already.

Well, my opinion probably doesn’t even matter; Just like the Solana coin, Solana Saga will be surely swooped by a sea of buyers. Part of the perks includes an NFT, I’d expect an NFT sort of craving for the new Solana phone. With Sam and his co ‘researchers’ from the Alameda group putting their weight behind any Solana project, there’s surely enough purchasing power on the way.

A mobile phone project for a blockchain that “is still in its beta-testing phase” is an audacious move…unarguably. A dollar for every time Solana blockchain goes off would make anyone rich; pun intended. Solana’s instability and regular outages are a bigger problem than the scalability issues it claims to solve. Albeit relatively young and obviously brilliant, Solana developers still have a long way to go in developing their blockchain to industry standards. A mobile phone project is somewhere down in the hierarchy in terms of relevance. Any true enthusiast will choose a stable and secure Solana blockchain over a Solana smartphone. $1000 for Solana Saga even makes this decision more likely.

Anyways, “numbers go up”; anything to bring this to fruition is considered fair in the crypto space. Osom probably received much-needed funding as part of the deal. Pushing back productions and overhauling functionalities to integrate web3 support isn’t an easy decision. However, this partnership could afford to wait. A stable and more reputable blockchain fits in better. Solana might satisfy the latter, but can’t say the same about the former. At least, the beta testing stage should be done first.

If the crypto space and the world is ready for a blockchain smartphone is uncertain too. We are hardly ever ready, but penetrating a blockchain phone into the gadget market will take some advanced effort and marketing skills. While Solana might have financial strength, it goes beyond that.

Solana’s price shot up 30% on the announcement; it’s fair to say that the first goal was achieved. The big doubt is on the success of the Solana Saga in penetrating the market and functioning to users’ taste…this is even more important. There should be a backup plan in case the Solana blockchain goes off unexpectedly (or expectedly); they will be needing that…a lot. Not technical advice though, I’ll be looking forward to Saga too.

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