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CryptocurrencyScripts serve one purpose – to give investors something to read; when they wish to. We admit that the current setup isn’t perfect for this goal, but this is a work in progress. For the ‘work’ in progress, we have spent another year working on everything we want CryptocurrencyScripts to stand for; humor, simplicity, and versatility. In general, 2023 has been another step in the right direction.

Wrapping up an impressive year, we present our annual report, as usual. We understand that our readers could have missed some significant developments, or better said, some developments we feel are ‘significant’. Now, we aren’t good with hype words, so the following updates are as plain as they can be!

Here’s how we ran through the year;

In 2023 we;

Built a community for Writers…and readers

The regular cryptocurrency investor is more interested in partnership, airdrop, and technical exploitation announcements. How-to guides come immediately after these. Lesser attention is paid to regular articles, which form the bulk of our publication, but we are glad to operate in this area, and we are assembling other writers who hold this belief too. As part of our effort to pool writers into a single community, we created the CryptocurrencyScripts medium publication. Don’t ask how we could afford the $50 annual medium membership for this feature! Just visit the Cryptocurrency Scripts Medium publication. Join a community of writers.

FYI over 700 investors read our publication every month! Rookie numbers? Nope? Thanks!

Didn’t stop writing


We are writers at heart, for the passion and the Pa$$ion. The former supersedes and this is why we keep working on the next paragraph. For cryptocurrencyScripts, external projects, and for individual media projects, we didn’t stop writing, and we are planning to change this anytime soon, even when the readers stop reading. CryptocurrencyScripts is built with words, for words.

Traded memecoins


Before you read the next words, CryptocurrencyScripts is not a fan of Memecoins. But we’d like some quick profits and memecoins are some of the quickest movers, and we mean this in both directions. So, we dabbled into a few of them; the dog-themed ones. We can’t say the same for the writers in our community, but if you are still wondering how we got $50 to pay for a Medium membership, your answer might be staring at you.

Watched the Charts


If you trade memecoins, or any digital asset, then you surely watch the charts. That’s what brings us all together. We weren’t left out, GeckoTerminal to watch memecoin charts and Coingecko to watch every other chart. DexScreener is cool too. You certainly have your picks, TradingView probably. Whichever one, the number of times you open these in a day is what sets you above others. We should be somewhere at the top of the list.

Started the Snack Talk series.

snack talk 2.jpg

Everyone loves to shit-talk while they chew on a sugary snack. Same here! We started a series where we pick up snacks and talk about the crypto space while we eat them. Not a serious thing to do? Of course, you are right, but it’s certainly a fun thing to do, which is why we do it once in a while. The crypto space is only fun during the Bull Run, so the series is a bit slow. If the bull season eventually returns we can drop these things faster.

What’s your favorite snack? Check out our snack talk collection.

Closing up; We are gradually drawing the curtains on another rewarding year and are even more inspired to do better next year! If there is anything we are most proud of, it is the fact that you are reading these words and probably enjoying them. We are growing as fast as we can, organically, and we want our readers and followers to be made up of people who are interested in reading more from us. Remember to hit the follow button if this is you.

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