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Minor updates to the Medium publication


The CryptocurrencyScripts Medium publication has been running for only about 10 months. During this time, we’ve been able to onboard several talented cryptocurrency writers and have grown significantly as a publication. However, this is not one of those cooperate press releases, so we will go straight to the point.

We are adding two minor updates to the publication’s layout and would like to inform our community of these updates. Feedback on new and existing features is welcomed!

A Feature page for Curated articles

An average of 30 new articles are submitted to our publication per week, this figure will surely grow in the future. To promote the most impressive articles from the daily submissions, we have added a feature page for handpicked articles. Curated articles will also be shared on social platforms. This is in line with our goal of adding value to writers who submit to our publication.

Screenshot (1924).png

To access this page, Click Curated Articles on the publication’s Homepage.

Want to submit your articles to our publication? Read this article for more information.

Promotion tabs for Ads

Screenshot (1926).png

At the time this announcement was made, the CryptocurrencyScripts publication receive over 15,000 views in 30 days and readers spend over 20,000 minutes reading articles submitted to the publication in a month.

Screenshot (1923).png

With this figure, your project could benefit greatly from running an Ad on our homepage. We are reviewing this feature to ensure mutual benefits for readers and projects running Ads. There could be major changes to this in the future. This will be promptly communicated.

Contact us on Twitter or any of our outlets to Place an Ad.

Yeah, this was meant to be a short one. The CryptocurrencyScripts publication and the project as a whole is a work in progress and the main focus is on the readers and writers. New and existing features will be adjusted to stay in congruence with this goal.

Happy reading!

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