Survival struggle: Layer-1 edition.

Aptos launched with a speed of less than 10 transactions per second. Well, that’s some distance from the promised 160,000 transactions per second. Every layer-1 blockchain is a ‘game changer’, at least until they start to get the heat.

Somehow Ethereum still manages to be one of the best layer-1 blockchains in a midst of countless ‘Ethereum killers’. I know that sounds different in the ears of a random airdrop hunter who just received 700 Aptos and sold them at $7 each. That’s, some loss anyways, a little wait would have added more bucks to that. But it’s free by the way. A good compensation for one of the harshest crypto winters I’ve witnessed.

Sui blockchain is on the way, Cristiano Ronaldo would be proud. Heard he’s got an NFT deal with Binance. Would be a good coincidence if he launches his own ‘Rare’ collections on the Sui blockchain.

Siuuu! You could hear that from every corner of the stadium or crypto Twitter.

Aptos somehow isn’t the game changer anymore, it only launched a few weeks ago! We are finally putting the “Ethereum Killer” phrase to rest. The space has moved on; from Solidity and Rust to ‘Move”

Two move blockchains with super-rich VCs launch in the same year. Even if these chains don’t amount to any good in the end, they surely stretched a few pockets. We can take that as a win.

The 2021 pumps favored cross-chains and their redesigned copies of UniSwap DEX. Even dead projects from 2017 could rebrand to the ‘Swap’ suffix, launch liquidity mining programs and score some 10Xs before going back to their previous position. All good anyways, crypto influencers had some nice play over there.

I might put in a few more paragraphs after this but before that; What’s your favorite layer-1 blockchain? Quick guess; the one with an airdrop in view. Airdrop hunting used to be about social media tasks, now it’s about testnets. An upgrade, really. Even the noob internet gamer could run some testnet node and make some quick bucks; sell off at launch and head out in search of the next game changer.

Tons of layer-1 blockchains, yet the space is still in search of the next big thing in smart contract blockchain. Gavin Wood came close with Polkadot. Sam and any other member of the Solana team did a plausible job with the Solana blockchain. Cool blockchain! You might want to check their timetable so you can have a feel before it’s switched off for the day. Ten days on, four days off, a balanced two weeks roster.

Pun intended… Not sure anyone would laugh at that anyways.

If we could get serious for a second, maybe we can have a flashback and check how innovative the new layer-1s created every day really are. A well-written whitepaper and some ‘gamey’ UI designs on the official website. Then, a couple of million raised in ICOs and IEOs. Like the dotcom boom, blockchain developers are the next lineage of billionaires…and meme coin influencers.

It only takes a few months before the ‘game changer’ gets riddled with meme coins and shady ‘otherworldly’ NFTs and of course; several exploitations and exit scams.

We’ll surely have a conversation about the VCs churning millions into these projects. But that’s when I get sober from the last Cup of coffee. Don’t expect a SEC investigation report anyway. I just need to know how my writing career can be funded. Maybe a DAO will do. Or a layer 1 writing platform. Perfect!
While I draft my pitch and whitepaper, the heavily funded layer-1s struggle to remain in the Ethereum killer discussions.

It’s uncertain who comes out on top.
We’ll get to know that in time, before then, I’d really like to say that it feels good to write on this platform again!

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