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Pay in crypto: Popular platforms where cryptocurrency payment is accepted.

With the recent wave of adoption, you’ll soon be able to make purchases at your favorite kiosk and pay in crypto. Don’t forget to leave a good tip. You might be impressing the next store. Well, I guess I’m a little bit backward; many small-scale stores already accept cryptocurrency payments. Without government approval, clever merchants are devising ways to include a two trillion-dollar sector in their payment option.

Even if you don’t fancy cryptocurrencies, you face a dilemma, one of which is missing out on the future of money and technology. And if you don’t fancy cryptocurrency, then you simply don’t understand it. Making payments with cryptocurrencies is a fun exercise, except when you are paying transaction and withdrawal fees…arguably.

While you wait for your closest store to add a cryptocurrency payment option, here are some popular platforms where you can spend your cryptocurrency in exchange for desired services.


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are naturally adventurous, you surely wish to explore the world. Aviation firms offer a comfortable means to travel around the world, but you’ll have to pay a fee; a fare actually. Mostly in fiat. You have crypto and you wish to travel the world too. Yes, you can! offers cryptocurrency payment options for flights with over 500 airlines. Here, you can also book your stay in thousands of hotels worldwide. Travala offers cryptocurrency payment options for recreational activities in some of these locations. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and a couple of other cryptocurrencies are accepted on Travala.


So, do you have an idea you wish to bring to life? The internet is one of the best media to flaunt your ideas and create an audience. Getting a website is one way forward. Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting platforms and offers incredible rates for different web hosting plans. On Hostinger you can pay for and renew your web hosting plans using cryptocurrencies. Don’t worry, it is incredibly swift and you’ll hate paying with fiat when you experience it!


Shopify is a powerful tool for merchants, it offers merchants an efficient avenue to host their businesses on the internet and perform swift exchanges without worrying about the complicated aspects of e-commerce. Shopify is currently used by millions of merchants to amplify sales and promote their businesses. You can do the same as well, Shopify simplifies e-commerce. And yes, you can pay for these services with your cryptocurrencies. Shopify accepts payment in cryptocurrency for merchants as well as consumers.


The adult video business is a booming one, it has always been. With millions of people streaming adult videos every minute, it is in fact a hot shot. Pornhub is the leading platform in adult video retail. Following a fallout with mainstream payment facilities — Mastercard and Visa, Pornhub has added cryptocurrency payment options for premium content on their platform. You can easily subscribe for the most satisfying content using your cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and BNB are currently accepted.


The payment giant is used by over twenty million merchants around the world for swift payments. PayPal offers users a way to send and receive money as individuals or merchants. The swift payment platform is available to people in most parts of the world, a majority making fiat payments. In addition to fiat payment options, PayPal also allows you to make and receive cryptocurrency payments. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently accepted. Pay your pal…in crypto.


Live video streaming is fun, for the streamer and the spectators as well. With Twitch, gamers and other content creators find a medium to share their activities with their audience and also expand their followership. Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming platforms. Payments on Twitch can be made using cryptocurrencies.

Axa Insurance

Bitcoin is your best insurance option, but that’s simply hard for most people to understand. Mainstream insurance firms are pretty much functional anyways. It is however, very possible to combine both. If you’re already insured in crypto and wish to diversify your insurance, mainstream insurance companies offer financial protection against future unfortunate events. As a cryptocurrency holder, Axa insurance offers you an option to pay for your insurance plans in cryptocurrency!


Self-driving and electric cars are the future. Through his electric car manufacturing company, Elon Musk gives us a look into the future. Electric cars are evolving and in constant development. Teslas are cool; I mean who doesn’t want one? And when you can easily swap your bitcoin for a Tesla, it’s even more fun. Bitcoin payment option is available for coiners who wish to purchase a Tesla. Tesla Model 3 looks cool, you might want to check the model X too. I wouldn’t swap a whole bitcoin for a Tesla though, but that’s a personal decision.


Fashion is a vital part of lifestyle; you certainly have to embrace it. Off-white, the popular designer brand has delivered tongue-wagging clothing designs over the years. Off-white sneakers and clothing are cool, but what’s even cooler is that you can now pay with bitcoin on the checkout page. Happy shopping!


The internet is home to unlimited resources. Information is littered throughout the web. Wikipedia is almost a web on its own. Thanks to thousands of contributors, Wikipedia has created an online encyclopedia with detailed information about almost everything. Millions of internet users have found this platform resourceful. If you’re one of them, consider donating to the world’s biggest encyclopedia. Cryptocurrency donations are accepted.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has lasted for over a decade, yet the past three years are the most significant in terms of legal involvement. Bans, regulations, acceptance; we have seen a lot of these in the past few years. It gets intense and more positive each new year. This looks like the year cryptocurrency finally penetrates the central government. Before that happens, consider booking your next flight with cryptocurrency. Safe flight!

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