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Is there a ‘right’ time to invest in cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrency investment

Whether you are here for the ‘quick bucks’ or for the technology; one thing is certain, you wouldn’t want to lose your investments to price crashes and the constant fluctuations in the values of cryptocurrencies. Regardless of one’s financial status as an investor, good profits delight every investor. But making profits in cryptocurrency sounds easier than it could actually be…well, sometimes it sounds harder anyways.

“Buy low, sell high”; or better still, “buy the rumour, sell the news”. A couple of phrases have been coined to insinuate the best time to buy cryptocurrencies…and the best time to sell them. Either you are buying when the price ‘appears’ to be crashing or you are buying before an official ‘exciting’ announcement by a cryptocurrency project team. For an investor, any of these two times is presumably the best time to invest in a cryptocurrency project. A huge majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are in search of times like this.

But if there is any sector where rules don’t exist, the crypto space will surely be one, if not the only. Price movements, use case valuation, projects’ permanence…you name it. Every aspect of cryptocurrency is highly variable and there are almost no experts and everyone appears to be Predicting. These predictions could go either way.

In the same vein, the “best time” to invest in cryptocurrency projects has been a popular gamble. When to buy, when to sell; it would have been very interesting if anyone could tell for sure the best time to do these. Whenever you have a satisfactory gain or when you’ve had enough of the loss, you can sell off your cryptocurrency holding, hence, the best time to sell is way easier to decide.

However, this is different when it comes to buying/investing. Investing in projects at the ICO level is one of the options. Altcoin projects sell several tokens to raise money for the projects’ development and marketing. Tokens are sold at a relatively low price. Investors predict low chances of tangible price drops below ICO levels. Well, this is the case some of the time, but the story could be very different some other times. Several projects have struggled after their ICO and impatient and unimpressed investors move to sell their stakes below the ICO price. For an investor who bought at the ICO price, it wasn’t the very best time to invest.

What’s another ‘better’ time to buy? Dip time? Well, learn to buy the dip…I’m finding it too hard to learn that, lol. When cryptocurrency prices dip, the market is only allowing youto invest. Dip times allow you to buy more at lesser prices, sell pressure overpowers the buying pressure and the market comes crashing. After a 10% price drop, buying the dip looks tasty, depending on how exciting a project’s fundamentals are, investors swarm to get some cheap tokens from weak hands dumping their stakes. However, the 10% drop might just be the first of many to come. When this is the case, prices keep crashing and the dip continues, and yes, the dip continues…lol. When this happens, your “best” time appears to be just a ‘good’ time if at all the project completely recovers from the dip.

Well, ‘buy the rumour, sell the news’. The crypto space is not only an innovative zone, it is also home to the biggest marketing hype and propaganda. When in obscurity about a pending announcement, influencers and holders tend to hype a pending announcement. A SpaceX collaboration? A merger with Tesla? Lol, you could see rumours like this fly around in suspense. But these could lead to huge price jerks running in multiples, the actual announcement most times is unable to impress the already elated investors who hope their investments become the project that flips Ethereum…or bitcoin. Investors take advantage of this to buy before the rumour spreads and sell just before the actual announcement. Sometimes the news is worth the hype and the price uptrend continues, but an investor should have less to complain about if the gains were good.

The best time to invest is relative, largely personal and determined by your willingness to hold on for dear life or to sell at a loss, or profit. It doesn’t get any worse than a terrible price drop, but investors stand a chance of recovering if they can hold on till when the price recovers — if it ever does. It is hard to determine the best time to put your money on the road, but it is easier to develop patience for your investments regardless of when you invested or where the price is at the moment. Cryptocurrency investments are risky and good research only lessens your chances of hitting the rock with your investment, but a good HODLing attitude increases your chances of striking gold with your investments.

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