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Bitcoin can still trade above $100,000 in 2022

Bitcoin topped $68,000 last year, and if you lived through that moment, you’d be left in awe of what the space has become since this time. Even more awesome is the state of things by the time you get to read this article. But that’s if you didn’t jump to the first paragraph to get to the point where I listed reasons why bitcoin will climb to $150,000 in the next 50 days.

Here’s a spoiler, that part doesn’t exist. You could still find a few hopium laying around the corners of crypto Twitter. The crypto space is adding to the relevance of Elon Musk’s new playground.
At least, he could have some money to run the ship before the verified users start paying up their $8. Well, this is unrelated but the rocket man recently checked into a Twitter space just to say ‘Doge to the moon’!

Even if you don’t love Twitter, you’ll love Mr. Musk. An absolute gentleman! Don’t read that twice.

Away from Twitter and away from the charts, cryptocurrency has taken a bad hit this year, the worse it ever did. Trashed reputation, air-proofed strength. It once looked like a very strong space. If we’re considering percentage losses, it’s still doing better than the 2017 crash, but that’s not a story to tell to anyone who bought the top. Heard Nayib Bukele’s bitcoins were stored on FTX. That turned out to be a joke, but what a story it would have been.

Tesla did test bitcoin’s liquidity and couldn’t move the market with billions of dollars in bitcoin sold. That used to be impressive, guess not anymore, we could drop to zero if anyone tries something similar right now.

If there’s any advice that almost went completely wrong in crypto, it’s the one that encouraged you to invest in ‘blue chips’ turns out that are blue rugs. But that’s fine, at least we still have NFTs to keep us going. Brilliant FTX investors did demonstrate the best use case for NFT — money laundering. Probably the single-use case that has steered the values in the way we have seen.

Next in line for capitulation? I guess not, that Ronaldo and Binance NFT partnership finally happened. The greatest footballer that ever lived will be dishing out some rare art and footage with the popular exchange. With other exchanges falling apart and Binance standing strong for now, NFTs might just pick steam again, NFA.

But then, what else could go wrong? Bored Apes announces that their monkey pictures are truly valueless and floor prices crash to two decimal point ETH while bitcoin drops below $10, 000. That’s just one zero short of the $100,000 mark. That’s an awful take, even in the words of a crypto Rockstar.

But the drums are still sounding. Thanksgiving is almost here, but things are still looking scary. Halloween got extended. Time to give up on your dreams and face reality. If you bought bitcoin anywhere near the 2021 top, you’re certainly ending the year at a loss. But one bitcoin always equals one bitcoin. A faulty arithmetic, but still works for people who have developed a Micro strategy for cryptocurrency investment.

Anyways, it’s the last quarter of the year and crazy things happen. Shiba Inu at $1 is on the cards as well.

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