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The Doge and the Twitterverse

That title sounds a bit like a moonlight tale or a chapter from a kids’ storybook. But that’s fine, it’s a fairytale anyways. A fun one, but not too funny for the other half of the Twitter workforce stripped of their salary source by the beloved DogeFather.

When Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer were editing the bitcoin code to create Dogecoin, they certainly never believed that its destiny will lie in the hands of a nerdy billionaire. It is what it is though, the SlumDoge millionaire must be clearing up his garage for his new Tesla CyberTruck since Dogecoin has returned to the top gainers’ list and might finally land that Twitter deal.

The Twitter-dogecoin Saga is like a toxic rich couple relationship. Frequent fallouts and even stronger comebacks, each one attracting huge financial involvement. When dogecoin hit $0.7, the rocket man was the big propeller. This time around, the story is the same, the only difference is that he isn’t somewhere on the bird app screaming “To the Moon”. Well, let’s just hope he doesn’t land another SNL interview.

Not sure if he will take any of those when he has a whole lot of grounds to clear in his new acquisition. A $44 billion purchase isn’t something to abandon for an interview…let that sink in.

Ok, word on the street is that Dogecoin will be the new token of the Twitter application. I’m not sure if Elon will be collecting that $8 monthly charge in Doge. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t really made his intentions about Doge clear. Notwithstanding, the ‘clever’ crypto investor just completed a dogecoin purchase from his Mid-end smartphone. When Twitter finally integrates Doge and his bag pumps, he will have just enough cash to get a better device. After all, someone made a few billion dollars from Shiba Inu and Doge is an even superior Dog.

Once I drop the last line of this article (which should be soon) I might consider getting a few dollars ‘bag’ of doge, just in case it finally gets to Twitter and the price goes through the roof. Now that’s a random moonboy statement and moonboys run this street. With the price dropping currently, I might just get a good discount or be rekt completely. The latter isn’t more likely, I don’t even know which.

Elon Musk has always been a huge fan of Dogecoin’s technology and economy. You’d expect him to buy up Dogecoin instead of Twitter, but the electric car man always has his own plans. $40 billion into dogecoin might have gotten it closer to flipping Ethereum; then bitcoin.

Elon will need to fight off competition from Jack Dorsey’s BlueSky, Kanye West’s Paler, and of course Donald Trump’s TruthSocial. The social media space is currently a big playground for billionaires. Just like I sip coffee and make Puns, Elon will try to raze a blunt and sack more staff or charge even more fees for the blue tick. Whichever happens more, I just hope he gave Parag that huge Ferrari money. And shout out to @mattwallace888 on Twitter for that new Twitter Logo.

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